Check out road and weather conditions on the Prince Edward Island using our road cameras during daylight hours. Cameras are located next to the road at specific locations across the province. Click on the static camera image for an enlarged image and weather data. If the image is blank, wait a few seconds and refresh your browser, it may be in the process of downloading. Camera images may be delayed. Please check time on image to ensure that it is current. Please read disclaimer of warranty; limitation of liability below.

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These images are not meant to replace official weather and road report information. They are only provided as an additional source of information to the motoring public. Weather, road and traffic conditions change rapidly, and those relying on information presented on this site do so at their own risk. Neither the Province of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, nor any of their employees or agents shall be liable for either the accuracy of this information nor any actions taken based on the information.